Descriptive analysis: Why are Massachusetts colleges so successful ?

I love Boston. I was there for a conference, went to MIT and used their toilet. They do, Massachusetts (Mass) have a reputation for success amongst students – consistently: Why is this and what can we learn from their example ? I’ll present several visualisations below (click for full view), taken from the wealth of […]

My facebook activity visualised

I love facebook. There I said it. No I do, it’s fantastic. The number of friends I’ve re-established real contact with and caught back up with in real-life, is testament enough. And not only that but the friends I’ve made along the way, chatted with, and generally shared life’s up and downs with all through […]

Visualisation theory: All you have to do…

So the first cab off the rank in this new foray back into the world of academia is Data Science – and what a way to start – as an IT nerd I/we have to confront and at all attempts master this art however to receive formal instruction in the up-to-date theory and practice of […]