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Well as promised here is the second and final (I guess, maybe) installation of AI literature interpretation and creation.

I’ve done some experimenting with the model creation process such that, as usual and because I’m a weirdo, I have given the model a name: “Delores”.

This time I thought let’s see what Delores thinks about two complete opposite ends of the spectrum, so I chose William Shakespeare, and Hunter S. Thompson.

Before we continue – a word to the wise – when using these frameworks either use server-grade hardware and/or active liquid cooling, or risk either it a) thermal-shutdown, b) melt, or c) catch fire. The reason I say this is that because I’m thick (!) and impatient I asked for and received a friends quite powerful laptop for this, this most intentional run… A powerful i7 with many cores much memory and NVME front-t0-back. I soon found however that the fans had spun up to maximum and stayed there, like, super-high. It’s the sound that IT guys know and it’s the sound of an IT device bleeding out.

So, living in a cold area (-2 celsius at night during winter) I experimented with ways to use ambient cooling like the big data-centres they build in the arctic circle, so they can use outside air instead of A/C, and use tons of carbon, building and servicing same. Stooges. Anyway I tried a few configurations and it turned out that in fact the back of the screen makes for an excellent heat-sink:

Anyhoo, on with the show. First up, the complete works of William Shakespeare,

totalling in at 960,690 words. This was obtained from one of several sites which offer non-copyrighted works in various formats. Here’s what Delores thought:

In worthy death, you then, that they will see thee.
And will I see the gods that would not strive.
And of his beauty of the world of blood.
Will I be made and make your own son.
But some servant of the fire of my life of love.
The man and the blood is but the hand of the house.
Thou beauty, thou art the mountain man in the way.
And blood with my mother’s steel may end.
The worse of a noble court in your very soldiers.
And the wave of your coming and the great blood.
The soldiers have no a woman's mouth.
And the world is the ambition of the strange.
What may see your name shall not make it.
The sight is to be so blessed and blood.
The world will be in the world that speak with the good wife.
That is not and willing on the rich winds.
The speed is a good morrow. There is dead.
And will I know the world will have any speech.
That we might defend thee my father.
But the blood is not an enemy of my body.
The countenance of the blood be with the street.
Let me lodge and stay.
I am not the purpose. I shall not leave thee again.
With my tongue and mind that I shall read thee.

Remember – none of these sentences occur anywhere in the text(s). What strikes me is how dark so much of it is. Maybe the laptop was p*ssed off ? All that aside, one of Shakespeare’s great talents was that he was master of the arts – comedy and tragedy; brevity alacrity and wit. To python then, summarizing and visualising the relative dominance of words across the corpus ! :

Right. Good. Ok then…

* * *

Hunter S. Thompson.

What can you say… the literary progeny of Keith Richards and Frank Zappa speaking Salvador Dali.

Hunter was a trained writer & journalist who first sprang to notoriety when his now best-known work “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream” was published in Rolling Stone magazine on November 11 1971 back when he was working for them as a roving correspondent and doing and writing things that nobody else knew or dared to attempt or express. That’s him above in the banner – as you can see he had certain proclivities.

Prior to Fear and Loathing he decided and then informed his Editor, that he would inject himself into the Hells Angels and report back about what went on there, in general, and do writing. He got so deep under the skin of the subculture and collected so much material that he turned it into a book. It made for tough reading, partly because of what it exposed and also partly because of his use of language – I call it “subdued glee” – in describing the disturbing, surprising, regretful things he encountered. I call it this not because he enjoyed writing about bad things but because he was the only one examining the American Underbelly and that was his El Dorado, at least those are my thoughts; half the time he was high as a kite. I’m a fan of words as you can probably tell and in fact did a year of English Literature before turning to Computer Science (a natural progression of course). But I digress ! What did Delores come up with in response to the full text of Fear & Loathing ? For some reason the results were the most confusing of all so far. Hunter’s writing was structured, coherent, and in all other ways syntactically sound. It was just profane, urgent, and unique. But anyway. The following is a curated list:

“Here,” I said. “We’re on our way to Las Vegas. “The really fine was understand,” I said. “We’re on our way to find the brain and dawn and moved the bastard and take him a lot of this scumbags … and we were both helicopters all the page.

“What will you see that?” he said. “I’m your attorney, I can’t be true! Meanwhile in his back straight and there’s a face of this time. The politic ‘Magnum'.

I asked my attorney he said he was careening in a press casino.

“How about the escalative?”

“No for something,” I said. “You better he confused, as you forced the track of this factors … still screaming away.

“Just flodge the door.” I said to the splodge. “That was that,” I said. “You’ll call you until about 100 yards. He suddenly leave the bartender.

“Good mind,” I said. “I’m a face of that mutantial full of specialists; I could see around to watch him that I knew I was in the first respectable lining around the car and take me for a very special freak, “saw me to ask,” I said. “I’m a far office and staggering that stop has a flash

“Now it was all the nexts?”

My attorney can turn the people – and for green water. “How many office was something like a music behind me.:

He smiled. “As your attorney, I advise you to shrug sh*t, understanding in the car and turned again, then to the start calmed by the Circus-Circus and the first time we’d win to pull over to grasp for Las Vegas. This is the final speed for a place like there and I thought.

“Well, we’re right!” I said. “If you follow me?”

Hunter passed in 2005. Unlike Shakespeare.

Thanks for watching y’all 🙂


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