Welcome to my blog – I hope you find some interest in some of my various meanderings.

First of all – why “Thick Ethernet”. Two reasons I think:

  1. I am thick at times. As in dumb – as a box of hammers. I have a degree in computer science and have commenced my Masters in Data Science and yet ? I do silly things. Still have your attention ? Well great. So that’s the intro.
  2. Why Thick Ethernet ? When I started my CS degree one of the first things that I did was to access the building schematics to see if they were both modern and optimal. It turned out that the answer was adequate but what really caught my attention was the use of 10BASE-5 Thick Ethernet for inter-floor and at times cross-campus cabling. That’s as thick as I am ! So – Thick Ethernet 🙂

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Out of interest, all visualisations in this blog were created using Tableau Desktop 2019.1 Professional. Data analysis not done using Tableau itself was done using Python, R, and shell scripts.

Oh and yeah, that’s me above, with the big hair in the 90’s, holding a piece of anatomy.

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